An Arny Update


On behalf of the Somerset Police K9 Officer Brian Harbart and his family, Chief Randy Cox wants to thank the Somerset Community for the outpouring of sympathy and support received in the wake of the news that the department’s K9, Arny, is suffering from terminal cancer. The department also wanted to provide the community with an update as to Arny’s status. Cox noted that the expression of sympathy has been tremendous. “From social media, to the news media, to calls to the station, the community of and beyond Somerset has been incredibly supportive. Probably the most touching has been the delivery of hand-made get well cards for Arny by children of the community.

Cox reported that Arny’s quality of life has improved significantly since he has recuperated from major surgery that resulted in the removal of his spleen and confirmation that he suffers from hemangiosarcoma, an aggressive form of cancer. Arny is now retired and living at his home with the Harbart family. Cox said, “It is a day by day, week by week proposition, but as long as Arny is enjoying some degree of quality of life and is not suffering, the Harbarts continue to provide him the love and comfort he is so deserving of’.

January 28, 2015

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