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Water and Sewer 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay my Bill?

Automatic Bill Pay – This not only saves you time but your bill is always paid on time.  Each month you will receive a bill at least ten days before your bill is due, showing you when it will be paid by ACH Draft from your checking account.  On that date, the bill will be automatically deducted from your checking account. You may participate in the program no matter where you bank.  There is no charge for this service.  Click here for the form  Automatic Bill Payment Form (

Manage your Water/Sewer Account Online – Sign up for your mySomersetBoro account and enjoy account access at your fingertips.  Pay your bill online, view your usage and payment history and make online payments from your checking account or by credit cards. Sign up Water and Sewer Billing - CustomerUser (

Drop off Location – There is an after-hours payment drop box at the Somerset Borough Office – 347 West Union Street, Somerset PA.  Please do not deposit cash.

Mail – you can mail a check to the office but please make sure you allow enough time for your payment to arrive.  Payments received after the due date are subject to late charges regardless of the date stamped on the envelope.  Mail to Borough of Somerset, PO Box 71, Somerset PA 15501.

In Person – As always you can still pay by cash or check in person during our normal business hours.

My consumption is higher than normal?

Start by checking your toilet for a leak.  The best time to do this would be at night or when you won’t be home for several hours.  Put some food coloring in the tank of your toilet and first thing in the morning or when you arrive home (before water is used) check the bowl of the toilet.  If the color shows in the bowl, you have a toilet that is leaking.

Take a meter reading.  Again, you want to do this test at night or when you are out of the home for several hours.  Take a reading from the meter and write down all the digits from left to right.  First thing, in the morning or when you arrive home (before water is used) take another meter reading.  If no one used the water, the reading should be the same.   If the read is different and no one used the water, you have an internal problem. 

If your meter is outside in a meter pit, start by checking your toilet as noted above.  If you do not find a problem with the toilets in your home, you may have a service line leak.  We can send a service person out to take a meter reading to determine the amount of consumption that went through the meter since your bill was generated.  If our service person determines a large amount of consumption, you may need to contact a plumber for further investigation of the problem.

Check out United States Environmental Protection Agency on Water – Fix a Leak for more information  Fix a Leak Week | US EPA

Why do I have to pay a minimum water/sewer bill even if I don’t use the water?

In January 2024, The Municipal Authority Board of the Somerset Borough approved the Water Rate Schedule and Sewer Rate Schedule.  Appendix A - Rate Schedule.xlsx (

These Rate Schedules include a minimum charge based on the first 2,000 gallons.  This is for both water and sewer.  The minimum charge is designed to recover a portion of the fixed costs incurred in providing water service.  The costs include the cost of maintaining the supply, treatment, distribution and service facilities that are needed to provide water and sewer service to your home or business.

Is there anything I can do to eliminate the chlorine taste in my water?

Yes, place a pitcher of water in your refrigerator for cool, fresh water anytime.  Chlorine will dissipate with time and the water will taste fresh.

If I have a garbage disposal, can I pour grease and debris down the drain?

No, grease should never be poured down the drain.  It will solidify in the pipes and can cause a backup in your lateral line.  It can also cause problems at Pump stations and at the sewage treatment plant.  Even if you have a garbage disposal, you should scrape all solid particles of food off your dishes into a trashcan prior to rinsing them in the sink.

If my lateral line needs unclogged or repaired, whose responsibility is that?

Any work on the lateral line to the property public right of way is the responsibility of the homeowner.  If necessary, the homeowner should contact a licensed plumber to perform the work.  If there are questions, please contact the borough during normal working hours at 814-443-2661.

If these wipes are labeled as flushable, why can’t I flush them down the toilet?

The advertising people who decided to label them as “flushable” have likely never worked at a sewage treatment plant.  Just because something CAN go down a toilet when you push the handle, does not mean that it SHOULD.  Wipes deceivingly labeled as “flushable” do not degrade the same way that toilet paper does and can cause backups in your house, and problems in the collection system or at the sewage treatment plant.

Is Fluoride added to Municipal Authority of the Borough of Somerset Water?

Yes, fluoride is added to the water prior to it’s distribution to it’s customers.

Who do I contact if I have an emergency?

The Borough of Somerset Water Office is located at 347 West Union Street.  The Phone number (814) 443-2661 between the hours of 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM.  After Hours emergency please call Somerset County Control at (814) 445-1525.

Why does my drinking water sometimes look cloudy?

The cloudy water is caused by tiny air bubbles in the water similar to the gas bubbles in carbonated soft drinks.  After a while, the bubbles rise to the top and are gone.  This type of cloudiness occurs more often in the winter because of cold water hold more dissolved air.  Air can be introduced into the water after pipe repairs or other service disruptions. 

Why is water discharging through the relief valve on my hot water tank?

All customers are required to have a functioning backflow prevention device located downstream of the meter.  This backflow valve is part of the homeowners private plumbing system.  This protects the public water system from fluids returning back into the water supply.  The backflow preventer may cause your water system to “pop-off”, due to the thermal expansion.  In most cases this causes your hot water tank to discharge through the relief valve on the tank.  The control of the thermal expansion is the responsibility of the homeowner, as it is caused by the homeowners hot water tank.  Installing a thermal expansion control device typically addresses this problem.