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Section 5. C-1 General Commercial District

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5.1 Purpose of the District

The purpose of this district is to provide sufficient space in appropriate locations for a wide variety of commercial and miscellaneous service activities, generally serving a wide area and located particularly along certain existing major thoroughfares where a general mixture of commercial and service activity now exists, but which uses are not characterized by extensive warehousing, frequent heavy trucking activity, open storage of material, or the nuisance factors of dust, odor, and noise associated with manufacturing.

5.2 Permitted Uses

A building or land shall be used only for the following purposes:

1. Any use permitted in the B-1 Neighborhood Business District.

2. Amusement places and theaters, except open-air drive in theaters. Amusement places include bowling alleys, dance halls subject to applicable town regulations, skating rinks, swimming pools, miniature golf courses, billiard or pool parlors, indoor model racing tracks, and similar activities.

3. Animal hospitals and kennels, with open pens a least 200 feet from any residential district.

4. Automobile and truck sales, service, and repair, but not major body or fender repair, auto salvage, or junk, and provided that any major repair or storage of equipment, materials, or damaged vehicles shall be inside a completely enclosed building.

5. Bakeries occupying not more than 5,000 square feet of floor area.

6. Bottling works, dyeing and cleaning works or laundries, plumbing and heating shops, painting shops, upholstering shops not involving furniture manufacture, tin smithing shops, tire sales and service [including vulcanizing and re-capping but no manufacturing, appliance repairs, and general service and repair establishments similar in character to those listed in this item, provided that no outside storage of materials is permitted, and further provided that no use permitted in this item shall occupy more than 6,000 square feet of floor area.

7. Car-washes and automobile laundries, automatic or otherwise, providing reservoir space for not less than ten vehicles for each washing lane of an employee-operated facility.

8. Farm implement sales, service, rental, and repair, but not salvage or junk, and provided that major repair or storage of materials or damaged or unusable implements or vehicles shall be inside a completely enclosed building.

9. Garages, parking and storage.

10. Hotels, motels, and motor lodges.

11. Lawnmowers and yard and garden equipment, sales, service, rental, and repair.

12. Lumber and building materials stores, retail only, not bulk storage of manufacturing.

13. Filling stations with storage of all bulk flammables entirely underground provided location is approved by Borough Council following a public hearing to determine the effect upon public safety in the area.

14. Printing, publishing and engraving establishments.

15. Radio and television stations and studios and recording studios, but not towers more than 125 feet in height except as provided in Article 12.

16. Schools for industrial training, trade, or business.

17. Tourist homes.

18. Trailer or mobile home sales and storage, but not a trailer park.

19. Used car sales and storage lots.

20. Wholesale establishments with not more than 2,500 square feet of accessory storage per establishment.

21. Packaging products made elsewhere

22. Day care centers

23. Testing and research labs.

24. Assembly of instruments and small products whose parts were manufactured elsewhere.

5.3 Permitted Accessory Uses

1. Any accessory use permitted in the R-3 Multi-Family Residential District.

2. Storage of office supplies or merchandise normally carried in stock in connection with a permitted office, business, or commercial use, subject to applicable district regulations.

5.4 Permitted Signs

Subject to the general sign regulations of Article 6 and consisting of non-illuminated or indirectly illuminated accessory signs as follow:

1. Flat signs, area of lettering not exceeding 25% of total wall area on the side of building where sign is located.

2. Projecting signs, if there are no marquee or detached signs, one for each business on the premises, with sign area limited to ten square feet.

3. Detached signs, if there are no projecting signs, limited in area to 40 square feet and limited in height to 30 feet, one for each business on the premises. A group of three or more contiguous stores, such as form a shopping center, may combine permitted detached sign area to provide a single advertising the group, if there are no other detached signs advertising the group, and if the combined area does not exceed 100 square feet.

4. Marquee signs, if there are no projecting signs, two for each business on the premises, with sign area for each sign limited to three square feet.

5. Temporary, non-illuminated paper signs in show window, limited to 20 percent of the total glass area of the window in which they are placed.

6. Directional signs, limited in area to two square feet, giving directions to motorists regarding the location of parking areas and access drives, shall be permitted as accessory signs and not included in any computation of sign area.

5.5 Height, Area, and Bulk Requirements

Requirements for minimum lot area, yards, and open space, and maximum height are contained in the Table of District regulations.

5.6 Reference to Additional Regulations

The regulations contained in this article are supplemented or modified by regulations contained in other articles of this Ordinance, especially the following: